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Tough Love Entertainment is a business consultancy company with international experience. Our core focus is to assist your business as you navigate time consuming and challenging areas, while trying to establish and grow.

We work to manage your overall business, project(s), or event(s) through the implementation of strategies and critical thinking that will help expand your brand. We also help to elevate your brand’s story and presence in the marketplace, with the use of video, photography, design, and communications. 

our services include ⋆ 

Building long-term relationships that connect people
& create stories that have lasting impact!

Behind the Scenes

A highly-skilled professional with a genuine heart for people!  With a fierce dedication to her clients and a proven track record of superior management, Tammy Love has a portfolio of celebrity clients that includes an eight-year run with Bob Izumi  (The Real Fishing Show) and a six-year run with Country Music Artist Paul Brandt

With a degree in Broadcasting followed by a 25-year career, she has an exceptional ability to grasp the big picture right from the start. Her critical thinking, strategic and creative insights shine through from concept to completion - whether she's producing videos or managing large and complex brands, projects and events. 

Having traveled extensively throughout the globe, from Venezuela to Barcelona, Cambodia to Haiti, she has gained valuable insight and perspective giving her a deeper understanding of different cultures.  She has a passion for working alongside non-profit charitable organizations, seeing lives transformed through their work on the ground. 


"I'll never forget the people I've met, the stories I've been told, and the places I've been. I am forever changed."

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